How long does delta-8 stay in your system?


How long delta- 8 THC lasts in the body varies, depending on the concentration, potency, the method of intake, and a person’s body composition. Depending on the test, one may fail a drug test even 90 days after the last delta- 8 intake. Below is everything you need to know about how long delta- 8 THC lasts in the body.

Delta- 8 is a delta- 9 isomer and a variant of THC. Like delta- 9 THC, it can make you fail a drug test since the tests look for THC metabolites similar to delta- 8 and 9. Therefore, people would like to know how long it takes delta- 8 to clear from the system. Like alcohol, and other chemical substances, how long delta- 8 stays in the system varies with a person’s body properties and tolerance levels. Besides, the potency and the concentration of the delta- 8 product, the delivery method, and one’s metabolism influence how long it takes the cannabinoid to clear from the system. Below are important details about this and other concerns about Delta 8.

Understanding Delta- 8

As the hype around delta 8 THC increases, it is essential to understand this cannabinoid. Delta 8 is a variant of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis plants, as Schlienz et al. (2018) suggested. It is one of the cannabinoids or the active compounds in cannabis plants, primarily hemp and marijuana. As a variant of THC, delta- 8 is equally intoxicating, as Akpunonu et al. (2021) noted. Therefore, it can make you ‘high’ as THC, only that the ‘high’ effect is milder. People take it for sleep because of its mildness, as Kruger & Kruger (2022) noted. Mccoy et al. (2018) reported that delta- 8 THC might improve one’s quality of life, and it is no wonder that many people are embracing it. What’s more, Avraham et al. (2004) noted that delta- 8 THC might also be great for appetite, and it explains why people who need to add weight opt for it. While these study findings are promising, it is worth noting that delta- 8 research is limited, and even with the positive vibe, there is much that is unknown about this cannabinoid.

How Long Does Delta- 8 Stay in the System?

Like alcohol, beer, or any chemical compound, how long the cannabinoid takes in the system depends on many factors, including your tolerance levels and body factors. Besides, as Kruger & Kruger (2022) noted, delta- 8 studies are limited, and much is yet to be revealed. This means that no study has clearly stated how long you can expect the cannabinoid to take before flushing out of the system. Below are other factors that determine how long D8 may stay in your system.

Other Factors Come to Play in Determining How Long Delta- 8 Will Last in the System

One person might have the cannabinoid take only a while in his system, while the other might have it last for days. Below are the critical determiners that matter in how long the delta- 8 will stay in your system;

The Concentration of delta- 8 product

The higher the concentration of delta- 8 in the product you chose, the longer you can expect the cannabinoid to stay in your body.

How Much You Take

The dosage matters since people who take a lot of delta- 8 generally have the cannabinoid last longer in their systems. This suggests that you can use half the dose if you want delta- 8 to clear out fast from your system

The potency of delta- 8

potency is the concentration of the cannabinoid per ml. It also influences how long delta- 8 will stay in your body. The more potent a product is, the longer it takes in the body.

The Delivery Method

Vaping delta 8 THC allows fast results and equally clears them out fast. However, if you take delta- 8 gummies or other edibles, you expect the cannabinoid to take longer in the system.

Metabolic Rate

How long delta- 8 takes to clear from your system depends on metabolism. Some people who metabolize the cannabinoid faster expect it to flush out of the body fast, and the reverse is also true

The Frequency of Taking delta- 8 products

If you take delta- 8 items for the first time or only occasionally, you expect the cannabinoid to clear out faster from the system. However, the more you take it, the more deeply ingrained in your system it becomes

Delta- 8 THC and Drug Tests

You will test positive for a test after taking delta- 8 products. Therefore, if you anticipate a drug test when working for a strict organization or anticipate a test as part of an interview, keep off delta- 8 products. Still, you may wonder how long before you can safely take a drug test after the last delta- 8 intake and pass the test. Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this as the factors previously discussed come to play. Still, estimates show that all factors left constant, the following drug tests will need the indicated time before one can comfortably take a test and pass;

  1. Hair- 90 days or less
  2. Urine- 48 days or less
  3. Blood- 2 days or less
  4. Saliva- 2 days or less


Like delta- 9, delta- 8 will make you fail a drug test since its metabolites are similar to THC. Therefore, you may want to keep off delta- 8 products if you anticipate a drug test for an interview or sports. There is no exact answer to how long it stays in the system, but factors like metabolism, body factors, and the concentration of the cannabinoid come to play.


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