How does CBD lip balm work?


In order to maintain healthy, smooth looking lips all year round, we need to be making sure we’re maintaining them and keeping them hydrated. Unlike the rest of our body, our lips can sometimes struggle to keep themselves hydrated and are more likely to become dry due to the simple fact that they don’t produce natural oils.

To avoid having chapped, flaky lips, it’s recommended to apply lip balms that are designed to increase the moisture in your lips and keep them smooth. In order to do this, we recommend the best type of lip balm that we have come across and that is CBD lip balm.

CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. CBD has a whole host of benefits, both physically and mentally. It has properties such as antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, soreness, aches… the list goes on. It doesn’t just come in the form of lip balms either, you can find CBD gummies, vapes, bath bombs and even CBD cream for arthritis pain.

How Does It Work?

CBD is taken from the hemp plant and added to a lip balm formula. It works together with other key ingredients that you can find in most lip balms such as beeswax, hemp seed oil, shea butter and many more. Because CBD combines with our endocannabinoid system, it doesn’t need to enter our bloodstream or be digested in order to take effect. Simply applying a balm to our lips is enough to allow the magic to work.

By adding it directly to the area in which you want to target, it will work with the local receptors better than it would if you applied in an alternative way. If you don’t like the texture and feel of the lip balm on your lips then there are other remedies you can try, however the effects may not be as great or as quick.

Is It Safe?

A common misconception people have is that CBD is potentially dangerous due to the fact of where it comes from. Despite being a key compound in cannabis plants, that doesn’t mean to say that it is unsafe. In fact, CBD isn’t the compound found in cannabis that makes you experience psychoactive side effects, that is THC. CBD goods mostly don’t contain any traces of THC, however some may have a very minimal amount and when we mean minimal, we are talking about less than 0.3% which is no way near enough to have side effects. Anything over 0.3% THC would be classed as illegal as well, which is why you can’t find anything like that on our skin care market.

How To Apply

If you’re used to applying lip balm already then you don’t really need us to tell you how to apply CBD lip balm as the process remains the same. If you still feel you need some guidance then not to worry, here is our step by step guide.

  1. Clean your lips with water before applying, making sure they’re as clean as possible for the lip balm to be applied.
  2. Start with a small dose and apply directly to your lips. You can do this by placing a small amount on your fingers and massaging the balm into your lips, making sure it is evenly spread.
  3. Once rubbed in, allow the balm to settle into your lips and you should begin to feel the benefits.

If parts of your lips are considerably worse than the rest of the lips then target those areas more. Start with a small dose and if you feel the need to apply more, then do so. Meanwhile, whilst you’re here, check out our other CBD goodies like Loxa Beauty CBD night cream.

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