Herbmed CBD E-liquid – Natural

Herbmed CBD E-liquid – Natural

A gentle but powerful THC-Free CBD e-liquid produced through an advanced extraction process that preserves all the natural properties of the hemp plant. The hemp is grown in legal, traditionally harvested by hand from sustainable biological farms. HerbMed THC-Free CBD e-liquid has a taste of high quality and pure hemp, it can also be mixed with other flavours.

HERBMED CBD E-LIQUID | 0.2 – 15% (20 mg – 1500 mg CBD)

HerbMed CBD E-liquid is a real game changer, due to the high standards for cultivation, processing and production of our CBD E-liquid. The hemp is traditionally grown and harvested by hand in the hot and fertile mountain valleys of Slovenia. In order to achieve a first-class product only the finest mature hand-picked flowers are processed. The flowers are dried, and spread evenly to let ripen naturally in an environment where the temperature is always below 35C. This increases the potency and also helps preserve the natural properties from the plant. We are very proud to be able to offer such a unique and premium CBD product. Feel confident in buying a premium CBD product manufactured to the highest standard.

THC free CBD e-liquid, extracted through a patented and carefully monitored CO2 extraction process, which preserves the full range of nutrients. HerbMed’s CBD is highly rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids, (Read more about cannabinoids here), terpenes, phenols, vitamins, minerals and other healthy fats. Extracting from cannabis plants to oil can be done in several ways and is crucial to the end product. HerbMed THC-free CBD e-liquid is extracted using CO2, this ensures no unwanted substance or contaminants come into contact with the hemp during the extraction process. Since ethanol or other solvents  can increase the risk of contaminating the end product.

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