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Multiple trademarks are providing good quality cannabidiol (CBD) products. Nevertheless, the vital thing consumers are seeking is laboratory-tested products, safe and capable of soothing health conditions. However, the main challenge is discovering an honest company that produces the best quality CBD products. Have you encountered Formula Swiss CBD products? Everyone who has used our products understands their quality and effectiveness. We manufacture our products from legitimate extraction techniques. The high-quality products manufactured around Switzerland are linked with the Formula Swiss brand. In addition, this brand is utilizing the safest payment strategies to assure a credible shopping experience and cannabidiol shop online. All clients can use various credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Furthermore, you can opt for a bank transfer, although your purchase will be released when the shop receives the payment. After this, they will ship your parcel within one week.

The trademark employs different transportation methods based on the consumer’s residence. Generally, European shipping is faster, and the parcel is taken to Malta, the UK, or Ireland. Formula Swiss brand offers 100% organic hemp production and a legitimate extraction method. Our company manufactures high-quality products with a wide range. These include creams, flowers, vape juices, edibles, tinctures, topical, and cannabidiol for pets. In addition, all our products have undergone testing for potency, purity, and safety assurance. For people desiring to purchase CBD products from Switzerland, choose products from our company. Keep checking our reviews for more updates.

About the Company

Formula Swiss brand company is owned by a family based in Zug, Switzerland. They desire to establish ethical, consumer-centered affiliates, to deliver the best quality cannabidiol products at a cheaper price. However, the information regarding the family is limited. Formula Swiss brand delivers its products to forty countries at affordable prices. Also, they own bundle varieties that decline overspending within their clients. The brand’s tinctures vary from 0.05-0.08 Euros per milligram of cannabidiol, common in the market. Besides, they use non-GMO and organic cultivation and concentrate on re-formative farming activities, which implies the surrounding is safe.

The company conducts its product test in a house that does not match third-party testing. However, 10% of their testing is conducted in third-party laboratories, which causes problems when determining the product’s purity and potency. Furthermore, the Formula Swiss brand provides a broad product range, including bases, potencies, pet products, vape products, topical and tinctures in several flavors.

This company was founded in 2013 to supply the best quality hemp products which are non-chemically cultivated and sustainably safe for both the environment and our customers. Regarding reputation, this brand has high esteem in many media platforms, including Google News, Los Angeles Times, and Forbes, which customers can view on the company’s website. It has attained membership for the Swiss Cannabis Producer Affiliate and European Industrial Hemp Affiliate, which our system of government anchors the hemp industry legitimization. Also, they advocate and outline high processing and manufacturing standards. The formula Swiss brand has joined Bologna University and the veterinary Medical Sciences department to develop CBD understanding in veterinary wellness and health. Notably, this brand partners with those upholding high ethics and standards in respective fields. Also, they participate in sustainable and ethical cultivation using top score organic constituents and provide exquisite effective and safe hemp products to customers. Additionally, Formula Swiss ensures consumers realize they are cherished by rewarding their fidelity with gifts and promotions in their delivery. The brand tests THC and CBD concentrations for the products in their homestead. In addition, they test 10% of batches in third-party laboratories. However, this process is imperfect as independent third-party assessment is more reliable and standard. Unfortunately, home testing does not examine impurity levels. We examined the outcomes for 300mg or 3% cannabidiol oil. These results were obtained from the home testing and revealed the presence of 0.13%  THC and 343mg or 3.43% of cannabidiol. This implies that the CBD variance is 14%, with 43mg higher CBD than catalog. This variance exceeds the allowable 10% limit. The THC amount lies within the optimum 0.2% that is indexed. Nevertheless, no contaminant results like microbial, heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides were provided.

Manufacturing process

Formula Swiss hemp is obtained from greenhouses in Switzerland without chemicals or pesticides and adheres to GMP guidelines. Additionally, they utilize non-GMO, organic hemp seeds to rear their hemp crops. Currently, the company is not USDA certified because they are a non-USA-related brand. Air conditioning or artificial lights are unavailable during the growing period, connoting less environmental impact and energy consumption. When hemp undergoes processing, no heat is added, which helps conserve energy. Furthermore, their packing is economically friendly and manufactured from maintainable RSO accredited wood. This brand employs a suitable carbon dioxide extraction process and 95%t decarboxylation to yield full-spectrum cannabidiol. Formula Swiss safeguards its products’ safety and potency with third-party and in-house testing. The laboratory results presented on the brand’s website are obtained from the in-house analysis. These products are registered with a European Union, where each has Pharmacy Product Numbers (PPN) label. For instance, cosmetic products have a CPNP registry. Formula Swiss products are produced using Good Manufacturing and Documentation Practices. All products are packed in economically friendly boxes and containers, following Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Also, the company has CBD oil varieties, and cannabidiol combo drops with CBN, CBG, or CBC. Formula Swiss conducts CBD vape, skincare, and pet CBD oil products. You should note that prices are in Euros.

Range of Products

Formula Swiss CBD Oils

Formula Swiss brand produces CBD oils which they present to customers in various bases, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and olive oil where every bottle has 10ml. The hemp seed and olive oil alternatives are available in cannabidiol potency choices varying from 300mg or 3% to 3000mg or 30%. The MCT choices are orange, vanilla, strawberry, unflavored, and potency varying from 300mg or 3% to 2500mg or 25%. Also, there is a choice of less than 0.2% THC or 0% THC for every potency. In addition, they provide a RAW cannabidiol oil in Medium Chain Triglycerides, often decarboxylated from 60-70% CBD versus 95% in others. This sustains an elevated natural CBDA level. The oil is marketed in 10mg doses and is available in 500mg or 5% to 2000mg or 20% with less than 0.2% THC.

Formula Swiss Vape Products

The Formula Swiss brand offers CBD vape products in blueberry, sweet strawberry, mango, lemon, orange, ice mint, classic, and menthol feels. The product comes in potency choices of 100mg CBD or 1% to 1000mg CBD or 10%. Some sweetened choices come in 300mg CBD (3%) and others 500mg CBD (5%). These products are void of phthalates, chlorinated paraffin, carbon monoxide, emollient, tar, additives, lactose, gluten, tobacco, nicotine, and THC. However, they have VG/PG, and every container has 10ml.

Formula Swiss CBD Skincare

Formula Swiss provides many non-chemical skin care cannabidiol products. In essence, they lack synthetic cannabinoids, solvents, heavy metals, toxins, herbicides, pesticides, artificial dyes, or parabens. They deliver targeted balms, muscle rubs, cleaners, lip balms, face masks, and creams. Additionally, they are manufactured with natural, skin-calming constituents fashioned to common use.

The Cream is available in a wooden box tagged with CBD amounts per 300mg or bottle, directions, and ingredients. This Cream is produced with castor oil, Oryza sativa, bran wax, Mangifera, and many plant extracts and natural oils. The company recommends that this product be massaged gently and be administered generously. The glass tube holds the cream with a plastic cover. Its roughness resembles a soft balm that users can scoop from the container and apply to their bodies. This cream has a herbal smell and makes your body creamy after application. The CBD cream contains a batch number, but the laboratory results are not posted online. The customer care services were contacted via email, but they failed to provide details concerning the product’s color and weight.

What We Like About the Company

  • Various media platforms have talked about the Formula Swiss brand with great regard.
  • Formula Swiss company upholds ethical and sustainable farming activities and uses GMP-approved facilities.
  • Their products are delivered in over forty different countries.
  • The company has collaborated with Bologna University in research.
  • It offers many consumer reward and loyalty programs.
  •  Their products have affordable prices.

What We Dislike About the Company

  • The company does not provide much information about the family and its team.
  • Formula Swiss’ posted laboratory results are obtained from the in-house analysis.
  • Laboratory results for some products are missing online.
  • Their products have not been examined for contaminants.

Overall Verdict

Formula Swiss provides non-GMO, no pesticides, 100% legal, full-spectrum, and natural cannabidiol products. Its products are essential for animals and humans. These products are tested adequately and are available in high-quality cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Further, they come in various prices and flavors. Formula Swiss has a wide product range that targets different clients with various needs. While using our products, pets are also considered. Although some information is lacking on the website, our company is transparent. Above all, our company associates with the Swiss Medical Cannabis Association and EIHA, which increases its credibility. Several media platforms have supported our good reputation amongst our clients. Therefore, our products are safe and effective for meeting our needs. However, this product should not be used by people below 18 years.


CBD lip lavender Balm

This product is available in a plastic container common to many lip balms. It is manufactured with a combination of oils such as cocos Nucifera, Oryza, and shea butter. The manufacturers recommend its administration to your lips and skin as required. However, these claims are not yet verified, and every tube contains 50 milligrams of CBD. In addition, Lip balm has a soft, light yellow, and creamy texture.

For this reason, it slides onto your lips faster and leaves a creamy finish. As a result, the user realizes a light, sweet lavender odor. Although laboratory results were not found on their website, the product contains the batch number. Even after reaching their customer care service through email for assistance, they failed to offer us details of the results.



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