Premium E-liquid

Below is a list of a few brands of premium American-made e-liquid we offer in our retail vape shop. This is not a full list. Please contact us for more information about other brands you might be looking for.



Straw Lime- Sweet and tart goodness of strawberry sourbelts, dusting them with sweet sugar and sour sugar, and finally adding a touch of citrus.

Hawaiian POG- Tart passion fruit, mouthwatering orange, and guava.

Hawaiian POG Ice- Tart passion fruit, mouthwatering orange, guava, and a dash of cooling menthol.

Lava Flow- Sweet, rich strawberries with two Island staples, refreshing coconut and sugary pineapple.

Very Berry- A tarty mix of blackberries, blueberries, and lemon.

Brain Freeze- Combines the rich flavor of strawberry, tartness of a kiwi, and sweet ruby red pomegranates.

Very Cool- A mix of fresh Blueberry, tangy Blackberry, tart Raspberry with cool undertones.


Sorbet Pop StrawLemon- The fruity sweet treat! A perfect blend of strawberry lemon sorbet. 

Sorbet Pop Peach Mango- The fruity sweet treat! A perfect blend of juicy peach and mango sorbet. 

Sorbet Pop Tangerine Lime- The fruity sweet treat! A perfect blend of tangerine and lime sorbet.



Branded vapors

Fresh Fruit- A basket of freshly picked strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, and apples. The perfect summer snack.

Ripe Fruit- A blend of zesty oranges, succulent strawberries, sweet ripe cherries and juicy grapes, with tropical notes to round out the flavor.

Birthday Suit- A vanilla bean birthday cake milkshake with vanilla ice cream.

Fruit Madness- Reminisce the 4th of July fruit bowl, every inhale will give you a different refreshing take on fruit gone mad, a truly amazing balanced blend of fruit.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 6.03.21 PM.png

lost art liquids

Space Rockz- A sweet and fruity strawberry kiwi pop rocks candy.

Mystery Flavor- A mixed fruit taffy candy.

Gummy Glu- Imagine all of your favorite sweet and sour gummy candies thrown into a blender.

Unicorn Puke- A scoop of rainbow sherbert ice-cream! Perfect for those warm summer days.

O.G.B.- Blue raspberry popsicle with a burst of sweet orange and green apple candy.


cinna goo

Imagine unrolling the biggest, gooiest cinnamon roll of your life, scooping out all of that cinnamon-sugar goodness. Cinna Goo is the warm and sticky insides without all the filler.

moo e-liquids

Strawberry Milk- Enjoy the smooth, rich, creamy taste of your fresh milk with a gentle softness of strawberry that's both bold and yet supple with every inhale and exhale.

Vanilla Almond Milk- A beautifully crafted almond, vanilla and milk blend that's smooth, rich and creamy.


halo cigs

Tribeca- Smooth tobacco with a semi-sweet top note, vanilla and caramel.

Sub Zero- It doesn’t get any more menthol than SubZero with three times the cool mint effect of our other menthol E-liquid flavors.

Kringle’s Curse- A dynamic blend of peppermint e-liquid crafted to perfection, Kringle’s Curse delivers an invigorating burst of flavor in every inhale

kegger vaporcraft

Seven One Three- Vine-grown New England Concord Grapes freshly harvested and infused with Golden Orange Apricots and a hint of Tropical Pink Lychee. 

Six One Six- Bright Green Kiwi Fruit delicately mixed with perfectly ripened California Strawberries, Cranberries and Raspberries with a splash of creamy Pina Colada to tie it all together. 



slam cake vapes

Slam Cake-Tired of the basic bakery flavors? Try Slam Cake, it is all of your favorite desserts slammed into one bottle.

Morning- An amazing rendition of your favorite fruity cereal. Perfectly balanced cream and plenty of flavor