Does CBD lotion show in a drug test?


CBD (cannabidiol) skin-care is a great alternative to your normal beauty products. CBD products are more hydrating, and moisturising than skin care that lacks CBD. CBD Body Lotion is an exceptional product that can deeply nourish your skin. It will also soothe inflamed, or painful areas of the body through the endocannabinoid process outlined above. The CBD Body Lotion, or any CBD product will not show in a drug test. This is because CBD is not a drug. While CBD is produced by marijuana, it is completely different from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the chemical that produces a high when inhaled. CBD has no psychotropic qualities, unlike THC. This means that CBD is unable to cause a sensation of inebriation or intoxication when used in any form. Because of this, CBD is completely legal and perfectly safe. You can even eat a CBD Gummy Bear!

Another fantastic product to transition into your routine is the Loxa Beauty Hemp Shampoo. Hemp is the sister plant of cannabis. Like cannabis, hemp also produces CBD. Hemp is grown specifically for medicinal and industrial purposes. Hemp is rich in healthy, fatty acids like omega-3, which makes for an exceptionally nourishing shampoo. To use, squirt shampoo into the palm of your hand and lather into wet hair. Be sure to work the shampoo through your roots, down to the ends of your hair. Rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Your hair should look noticeably healthier and glossier after using Hemp Shampoo. Over time, you’ll find your hair is stronger, smoother, and shinier.

We also love to use CBD cream for foot pain. Our feet are the most neglected area of our body, yet we rely on them every day to travel long distances. A CBD (cannabidiol) foot cream can relieve aching feet, as well as moisturise rough, dry skin. The feet on our skin are constantly rubbing against our shoes, socks, and the floor. This friction causes hard skin and even callouses. CBD oil is perfect for feet, as it is an extremely hydrating ingredient that leaves skin feeling soft and nourished. Painful feet are a very common ailment. It occurs through injury or inflammation in the bones, ligaments, or tendons of the foot. This is generally a result of excessive injury or a lack of adequate foot care. CBD products are a great way to prevent or heal these problems. CBD products are effective in treating pain because of endocannabinoid receptor activity. Endocannabinoid receptors regulate different bodily functions like sleep, pain, appetite, and mood. Endocannabinoids within CBD bind to receptors within the body. One of which is the pain receptor. Pain receptors signal the brain that there has been some injury or damage to the body. The brain will then turn on the sensation of pain as a response to the problem. Endocannabinoids (CBD) interfere in the nociceptor process. This essentially stops pain messages from getting to the brain. The result of this process is the analgesic effect also known as pain relief. Loxa Beauty offers the largest selection of authentic, professional hair & beauty products. American Crew, Biosilk, Joico, Paul Mitchel, OPI, and more.

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